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Our 2018 Brochure Is Now Available

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Since 1989
We Sell Only What We Grow Ourselves

Mapple Farm’s
Seed & Planting Stock
For 2018

  • Short Season Sweetpotatoes (SOLD OUT)
  • Chinese Artichokes (a.k.a. crosnes)
  • Distinctive Tomatoes
  • Wonderberry
  • Tomatillo, Indian
  • Garden Soybeans
  • Beans:  Provider, Rocdor, Gaucho, 
​         Black Coco & Purple Peacock
  • Cucumber, Parade
  • Zucchini, Black
  • Melon: Oka, & Montreal Market
  • Watermelon: Early Moonbeam &                 Blacktail Mountain
  • Winter Squash: Golden Hubbard,              Potimarron, Butterbush, Banana,                Gill’s Golden Pippin Acorn, 
​          Fisher’s Acorn & Honey Boat Delicata
  • Pumpkin, Styrian Hulless
  • Turkish Rocket
  • French Scorzonera
  • Gobo, Shosaku

  • Ken Allan’s Sweetpotato Book

Mapple Farm
129 Beech Hill Rd.
Weldon NB E4H 4N5

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